Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bahamas Crossing and the Abacos!

We crossed from West Palm, FL on Sunday the 13th. It was a good crossing, we left Florida at 8 AM with clear skies and light South winds. We were headed almost due East with a push North from the Gulf Stream, which we hit about 12 miles off the coast of Florida.

The South winds help smooth the Stream out, whereas North winds make it unbearable... that's why we chose South winds. We (Brian) caught one fish, a blackfin tuna. We ate it immediately. Brian cooked it on the stove while the wind vane steered the boat, and I languished in seasickness on the settee. The above pic was taken about 45 minutes before I succumbed to total debilitating nausea. I had taken Dramamine, which helped me simply feel bad instead of actually wanting to die, which is what happens when I don't take anything at all. I was just happy that I didn't throw up the pineapple I'd eaten for breakfast.
This is Charlie's seasick face. He looks kind of drunk, doesn't he? The crossing took a mere 18 hours and we all got over it quickly. It is all worth it to make it here, to the lovely islands of the Bahamas.
Still fishing as the sun sets. The seas were not bad at all once we arrived on the Bahama Banks, a very, large, shallow sand bank that we sail over for a long time before reaching any islands.

We arrived at an uninhabited island called Mangrove Cay at 1:30 AM during a brilliant meteor shower, easily a dozen or more shooting stars per minute! It was beautiful.

We had our morning cup of coffee in the dingy taking Charlie to shore on the tiny Mangrove Cay to do his business. Mangrove Cay is all Mangrove, so there was no dry land to walk him on. He had to go on the debris of a wrecked barge.

We got a good night's sleep and put in another full day of sailing Monday to get to our next anchorage, near another uninhabited island called Crab Cay. We (I) caught a lovely yellowtail snapper which we again ate immediately, and I cooked it this time.

Charlie and Jack love it when we catch a fish! They both know the sound the reel makes when the drag is spinning with a fish on.

Spent our second night in the Bahamas anchored in light winds and a hellacious current that spun the boat around in rapid 360's for 6 full hours. It took us about 2 and half minutes to complete a 360 spin in that current, so that is about 24 rotations an hour. Brian slept like a baby, and I was up all night, timing the rotations. I'm glad our anchor held.

The next day, Tuesday (today), we sailed for 7 hours and arrived at sparsely inhabited Manjack Cay, which is next door to the more populated Green Turtle Cay.

The harbour is beautiful. We anchored in 9 feet of crystal clear turquoise water. The air temp is in the 80's and the water temp in the 70's.
I immediately climbed the mast and took pictures. There were five or six other boats already anchored here.

Brian couldn't resist joining up there. About 3 days later, we were told about a guy that was standing on his spreader and it broke off. Glad that didn't happen to us. Puff has strong spreaders on her mast, but we probably won't do that again.
Can you believe how crystal clear the water is? Charlie was the first one in.

Taking the dingy to the nearest beach!

We finally got to use the underwater camera in the Bahamian Sea!
This was our sunset that day. Pretty sweet.


  1. Love..love..love this post.
    One of the best I've read in a while.
    * charlie is a cutie-pie and a WOW! what a trooper. I guess he holds it a lot? He won't go on the boat? I've heard of people who have had yachts built with green space just for their dogs.
    * Yes, you are ripped? Is yoga the key? I wouldn't think you have a gym on board?
    * Climbing the mast freaks me out.. can't imagine being that high like that.
    * The spinning.. not sure I could have taken that.
    You need to get a flip camera and post some video on your blog!

  2. Thanks, Dee! Charlie holds it, he refuses to go on board, we've tried everything! We can't avoid the 18 hour passage unless we get a faster boat, which we look forward too. Iam sooo not ripped, but thank you, I eat a really clean diet-no processed foods, no white sugars, flours, starches... yes, i drink wine and the occasional liquor drink. Also, no dairy and the only animal i eat is fish. I eat tons of leafy greens and veggies which are great for building muscle! I don't do yoga, it's on my to do list though! I just do sit up, cruches, and lift 3 lb hand weights once a day.

  3. sorry for the mispelled words, I was typing too quickly!

  4. Thanks for the update! Glad things are going well. You're a wild man Brian. Sure could have used your spearfishing skills when we were over there. Hope to join you guys one day!

    Kevin 'n Cindy
    S/V Barefoot

  5. I love how agreeable your babies are with your lifestyle. They seem very happy! And, I know you and Brian take good care of them.

    I enjoyed reading the details of your journey, since so much of it is foreign to me. Can't wait for more!

  6. Pole dancing the "cruser" way. I love it.