Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Fun Times

Do you ever wonder what we do for fun here on Long Island (Bahamas), when we are not busy building our house? Here are some pics of island life and fun with all the great people we've met here. The photo above shows a rainbow after a thunderstorm. We took the pic from our boat in Thompson Bay anchorage.
There are wild chickens, roosters, and goats on the beach in our anchorage. Every morning at 4AM, we are serenaded by dueling roosters, surround sound crowing...
This is the beautiful church on the hill overlooking our favorite anchorage.
A daily scene for the last month. This excavator is working on expanding the government dock in the settlement of Salt Pond.
A space shuttle launch in April created this phenomenal cloud to the West of the island.
Our cat, Jack ,lounging under the solar panel back on the boat...
Pretty sunset, our ocean view from the boat.
Drinking games seem to be an international past time. This one included Bahamians, Mexicans, Kiwis, Americans, and Italians.

Awwwwww, we're color coordinated and everything!

The Italian free divers made us dinner, and it was so good!
Enjoying the sunshine and eating oranges with Brittany at the Vertical Blue 2010 Free Diving Competition.

Brian and Arthur gearing up for a spearing mission.
Charlie wants to go too.
Cleaning fish after a successful hunting/spearing trip.
At Midway for Happy Hour on Friday night, enjoying drinks with friends.
Yes, we know, we're matching again, pretty cheesy isn't it?
Kitty on the roof of a palapa...
Boys skipping rocks at sunset.
Kitties on the beach, watching the sunset.
Dogs taking a sunset swim...

Cinco de Mayo party!It was a costume party, here some folks are tearing into the pinata.
I have no idea why I look like this, no recollection at all. We look shocked!
Jeanie still hasn't gotten over the shocking scene before us... Most of this crew are our neighbors!
Yummy! I made the Mexican Mac 'n Cheese!
Festive dresses for all!
A Mayan queen and her king!

Zorro and Zorro-ette?
The host and hostess... he's a tasty margarita (that's a salt rim headband) and she's a lovely burrito!
More happy, festive ladies...
I think these guys are feeling the tequila jello shooters.
Ok, shifting gears to the shark feeding dive that Brian went on to safety dive for our mermaid friend, Linden Wolbert of Mermaids In Motion. They were shooting footage for a 20/20 segment called "Superhumans" that will be airing on June 1st. That is a bite taken out of the bucket!
Nice grey reef sharks!
Nice mermaid!

That's it for this blog post! Catcha later!

House Pics!

Hi, this is us underneath our house in Long Island, Bahamas, which we finished work on for the season about two days ago. It is completed up to the point where, when we return, we will cut out the windows and doors, paint the exterior, and finish the interior. That will be next December. I can't wait! It's going to be so cute! These pics are out of order, but it was all I could do to get them online at all. We're really busy with the house and now getting things sorted so that we can sail back to the States in the next few days.
Brian used a tree limb for a sledgehammer handle. I thought it looked cool!
These are the rafters and a vent...
Plywood roof boards painted white. Plywood roofs are pretty popular in Florida and the islands. They are painted with a rubberized, white paint for waterproofing and heat reflective purposes.

These are the porch rafters...
Painting roof boards, under the house...
Our baby mango tree, an oyster plant, and a wild orchid in our yard...
I'm sanding rafters for Brian to put up...
Sitting under the porch rafters...
That would be the bathroom window...

Ooops, a little out of order, the house before the rafters...
The beach is just past those other rooftops, a 10 minute walk...

Half a roof is here!
First roof board goes up! Again, sorry they are out of order!

Baby coco...

The house that Brian built... and I helped!
No fancy lunches toward the end of our working days... simple tuna sandwiches.

Monkey man!

More roof... to be continued... We have pics of the completed house, but I have not downloaded them yet. I will get them up asap, I promise!!! In the meantime... have fun!