Friday, January 29, 2010

Hopetown, Abaco, Bahamas

Continuing the adventure in Hope Town in Abaco, Bahamas. These pics were all taken during early January. It was a bit cool, like in the 70's, hence the pants and light sweaters. That was kind of nice though. Now, that we're further South in Long Island, it's a lot warmer.
This is the junior Junkanoo in Hope Town. There was a parade and all the children dressed up in Junkanoo costumes and the Junkanoo band played while they walked through town. Everyone followed along including all the town dogs. It was really fun!

That night there were fireworks right over the harbour. You can see the lighthouse all lit up with Christmas lights in the background here, and our cat Jack watching from on top of the bimini.

The Hope Town lighthouse looked so pretty decorated for the holidays!
Can you believe how beautiful and bright the moonlight was this night! ? It was like the sun!

Yes, all moonlight... no flash!

Charlie is doing his part for Hope Town tourism.
The adorable Hope Town waterfront.
The Hope Town lighthouse is absolutely charming!
Bingo night at Capt'n Jacks in the harbour. $2/card and the pot was around $300. Of course, our friend Brad won by using his Jedi mind powers!
Charlie loves exploring the villages~
Home sweet home~

Hope Town Beach~

One night we went to watch the light keeper light the light house. It is one of the only kerosene powered lighthouses still in operation.
The light keeper was very stoic as he lit the flame. Back in 2001, a different light keeper let me light the mantle after he demonstrated there was nothing to fear by pouring alcohol over his hand and lighting it on fire! That was an interesting night!
This is Little Harbour, a sweet little place on the island of Great Abaco. Pete's Pub is a fun beachfront bar and you never know who you'll see there. The last time I was there, the Miami Dolphins sea plane landed in the harbour and some of the team hopped out to have a drink. It was a sight to see that plane weaving in and out among the anchored boats.

The sculptor Randolph Johnston and his family settled here years ago and Pete Johnston follows his father's footsteps as he creates bronze and gold art right here at the foundry. Everything is displayed and many pieces are for sale in the gallery. It's all really amazing~

Isn't Charlie cute peeking out from behind me?
And of course, my blue water hunter provided sustenance from the sea once again!
Check out all that gorgeous reef!

This is a fabulous lobster tortilla pie I made with fresh tomatoes on top, YUMMY!And the sunset over Little Harbour illuminated mackeral skies which means that it would rain within 48 hours... good to know if you're a sailor.
To be continued...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Turtle Cay

Sorry, it's been awhile since I posted a blog. Busy, busy, busy enjoying life...
We left off at Christmas on Manjack Cay and hanging out with friends on Green Turtle Cay, so I'll resume there and work my way to our current position in Long Island, Bahamas.
This is a Christmas Boar's Head at Nipper's on Guana Cay, kind of a famous party place. It was quiet the day we were there, but we didn't mind that at all.

We hung out with our good buddy, Tony M. while we were at Green Turtle Cay. We've known Tony since our first year cruising the Bahamas, back in 2001. We are also neighbors in Ocracoke, NC. We miss you T! Come to Long Island!These are our furry friends that live aboard Puff with us, Charlie and Jack. They are always waiting anxiously for us to get home if we have stayed out after dark, a rare occurrence!
This was cool. You can't see the birds, but there were little bananaquits (tiny brown birds with yellow chests) on our friends porch and they would eat out of your hand. We plan to tame the birds on our Long Island property the same way!

Okay, I have to continue posting tomorrow, because Brian just showed up to pick me up for a beach BBQ at a friend's home! See ya!