Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Spearfishing Trip of 2009!

May 23, B went on the first spearing trip of the season in Hatteras with the Mid-Atlantic Long Fins Freediving Club. The MALF Club was actually holding a spearfishing tournament . Brian speared this huge spade fish, which he got a citation for and may turn out to be a world record.
Beautiful, and good eating too!

Also, he got a cobia and an African Pompano.
A friend with a huge cobia.

Atil with another large cobia.
Nice jobs, guys!
Lovely dinner afterwards. Thanks to the cooks!

Bezo's Visit

My Dad, Bezo, drove up from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit this May. It was his first time to Ocracoke, of course he loved it.

Dad and Shannon walking to Smax.

I think he's having a good time. Live music, fried fish and cold beers on the water, he's in heaven!

Talking on his cell phone while on a bike, at least he pulled over!
Strike a pose, B!
Cheesy self portrait.
Random, peaceful cat.

Lorie and Gisette chillin with us watchin a storm roll in.

Wicked clouds.

Still Life on Ocracoke Island

Two of Six of our wild otter friends and neighbors.
So adorable...
Except sometimes they eat baby ducklings, what are you gonna do, it's nature...

Bucket 'o blue crabs...

In my pj's, eating crabs on the dock at 10 0' clock at night, Bezo would be proud.Attractive...
Charlie using the potted plants in the cockpit as a head rest.

I thought these plants looked cool through the screen...