Monday, July 27, 2009

Brian's July Spearfishing in Hatteras

Okay, so here's Brian's passion: spearfishing and freediving. We did it in the Bahamas for years, but last summer was the first time it occurred to us that we should give the NC coast a try. So worth it. I haven't gone yet, but these pics show that it is clear, gorgeous, and there are plenty of fish. We eat fish all summer lonfg now, and we never have to buy it or worry about catching it with a hook and line.
This fish B has here is an African Pompano, is actually not related to the smaller pompano that we catch off the beach here, but is in the jack family. Many jacks are not good to eat, but this one is. We really enjoy it, and so do the sharks. Brian always sees sharks when he dives off the NC coast. In the Bahamas, we usually see nurse sharks and occasionally blacktip or gray reef sharks. Here, there are sand tigers around the wrecks, duskys, bulls, sandbar sharks, blacktip, and our friend just south of us saw his first Tiger shark a couple of weeks ago. A few years ago, a fishing boat out of Oregon Inlet videotaped a great white. So, we get all kinds of sharks here, which makes for some exciting dives. Maybe that's why I haven't joined him yet!

Yeah, a shark got it. This is not unusual at all. They're out there. They really just want to eat fish, but I wouldn't get in their way.
The boat belongs to Atil, who Brian met through the Virginia Beach Mid-Atlantic Longfins Club, a freediving club.

Bunch of African Pompano, coupla Cobia, and an Amberjack head.
Lovin' his Pelagic camo boardshorts and his custom speargun.

The group that went out that day. Atil has a camo wetsuit. I grew up in Louisiana with my dad wearing mossy oak camo and hunter orange and disappearing every weekend during duck and deer hunting season. Back then I never knew people hunted underwater too. Now, my husband wears black, green, and blue camo and hunts aquatic game 50 to 70 feet below the surface. Kinda crazy, but pretty cool!
Another day, at our home, a receding funnel cloud that had formed an awesome water spout!

Clamming on Ocracoke

This summer has been flying by for us so far. I've been enjoying my job doing massage and Brian has been working looooong days as the parasail boat captain. He's loving it, but I miss him a little. This beautiful sunset is on a typical Ocracoke evening from the Jolly Roger Restaurant where Brian docks the parasail boat.
Our little one pot herb garden is doing well. Our sweet friend, Tom, leaves goodies from his garden in it from time to time. I love coming home and finding fresh, ripe tomatoes and surprises like the butternut squash you see above! Thanks, Tom!
Okay, I had to snap a picture of this isle in the grocery store. Does anyone else think it's totally screwed up to put the school supplies in the junk food isle!? Jeez! This summer I've been focusing on eating as pure as possible - no processed food or factory farmed animal products, mostly fruits and vegetables - so, I really think it's sad that kids, (and their parents), get extra pressure to feed themselves disease causing, sugar and chemical laden food when they go to pick up school supplies.
On my way back from the grocery store, the ferry ride was sooooo beautiful!!! The water looked like the Caribbean!
Ahhhhhh, a lovely and relaxing day of clamming near Portsmouth Island. Brian and Scott are checking out this spot for us, while the dogs play on the land.

The weather was perfect, as you can see...

Tony's squeeze, Martha, cleverly avoiding the sun.
Cool photo, I had water on the lens... I like it.
These four little clams turned into almost 200 by the end of the day!
Playing with the underwater camera...

Yeah, I had a nice sunburn by the time it was all over. I knew I should've covered up, but the sunshine felt so good!

The dogs swam around like this for hours! So easily entertained! I think they were hunting fish.
Scott and Martha pulling the boats around to a better spot.

This was just half the story. That night we shucked every one of those clams and made clams casino. They were delicious!