Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Turtle Cay

Sorry, it's been awhile since I posted a blog. Busy, busy, busy enjoying life...
We left off at Christmas on Manjack Cay and hanging out with friends on Green Turtle Cay, so I'll resume there and work my way to our current position in Long Island, Bahamas.
This is a Christmas Boar's Head at Nipper's on Guana Cay, kind of a famous party place. It was quiet the day we were there, but we didn't mind that at all.

We hung out with our good buddy, Tony M. while we were at Green Turtle Cay. We've known Tony since our first year cruising the Bahamas, back in 2001. We are also neighbors in Ocracoke, NC. We miss you T! Come to Long Island!These are our furry friends that live aboard Puff with us, Charlie and Jack. They are always waiting anxiously for us to get home if we have stayed out after dark, a rare occurrence!
This was cool. You can't see the birds, but there were little bananaquits (tiny brown birds with yellow chests) on our friends porch and they would eat out of your hand. We plan to tame the birds on our Long Island property the same way!

Okay, I have to continue posting tomorrow, because Brian just showed up to pick me up for a beach BBQ at a friend's home! See ya!

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  1. Thanks for the update, dear! Always fun to read about your adventures.