Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scenes From The Abacos

This is the ocean on a flat day! Gorgeous!!!
A small cove perfect for dogs or children to play in. The water was only a couple feet deep here.
Charlie and I exploring trails that led to beautiful beaches.
Kayaking around the coral limestone islands is always relaxing and fascinating. You can see all the fish,rays, and coral easily from the kayak.
Charlie likes to go too.
Charlie and I look like we're in the jungle somewhere.
I was out there for hours, so I put on a white shirt and huge hat for sun protection. Charlie actually decided to lie down and take a nap right on the kayak. When I got back, Brian and I had Caribbean spiny lobster for lunch. They call them crawfish here, and they are sooooooo good!

Brian is a really good spear fisherman.

Caribbean crawfish stir fry....

Another amazing sunset in paradise.


  1. Girl! You look ripped! Love those crawfish too! Way cool!

  2. The spearfishing is awesome! Way to go Brian!