Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Job!

Last Sunday was beautiful so we went out on the parasail boat so Brian could train for his new summer job!

Ferris (owner) at the wheel, Brian and Eric .

Shannon has volunteered to go up. He was a bit nervous so he and I put down a couple Smirnoff Lights, wine coolers, beforehand to help him relax.

Shannon... going up...

Isn't that parachute so pretty!

I've never done this myself, but I'm sure I will before the summer is over. Just waiting for it to get warmer.

Shannon and Ferris chillin.

B's big turn at the wheel. He's actually flying a big bucket of water.

Myself, looking like a dork.

We went to Smax after for a beer and a fish sandwich. This is a great outdoor bar and grill on the dock where the sportfishing boats are.

Ahhhh, relief for Chrissy, Ferris's wife. She had to get off her feet! she is sitting on a bucket of fishing nets! Her little girl is due to come into this world in June. Fun stuff, summertime is around the corner!

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