Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HUGE UPDATE On Building in the Bahamas AND the BOAT!

Dear Friends,

It's been FOREVAH! I haven't kept this blog up because I've been spending all of my energy on creating a couple of businesses. You can have it all, but you can't DO it all, you know?

So, here's the deal folks...

We are still aboard Puff, loving her as much as always, and yet... big changes are afoot. Puff is for SALE, and we plan to take a few years off of the cruising life.

We've been sailing into adventure since 2001, and now we're going to focus on getting that house built in the Bahamas and investigating land life for a couple of years so that we can rebuild our financial savings.

In our opinion, boats are only good when you're using them: sailing, cruising, exploring. We've put cruising on hold for now.

We've decided we need to get a bigger boat anyway, we're in our mid-thirties and it might be baby making time. We're planners, so we'd like to be ready for that, if and when it happens. So, here's the PLAN:

  • Sell Puff (the best boat in the world)
  • Complete our house in Long Island, Bahamas
  • Live in a (gulp) house for a couple of years, to stabilize our finances
  • Get another boat and go cruising all over again (the sea is a great place to raise a family)
If you've been following this blog and you wish you could live like us, now you can. You can stay tuned to this blog, I'm not abandoning it entirely.

I plan to publish a book on cruising before you retire, building in the Bahamas, and island life very soon - I'll let you know when that happens.

Wishing you all the best and loving life,
Jeannette and Brian


  1. Good luck with the sale of Puff and the completion of your Bahama dream home! We wish ya'll the best and look forward to seeing your home once it's complete. Life is about change, and sounds like ya'll have a great plan!

  2. I'm watching Irene on the radar and sending prayers your way. Hope you guys are safe. Love from Louisiana, Karen.

  3. Did you guys complete the Bahama home project? Good luck in the future!

  4. All the best!! Look forward meeting you in Long Island once we build!
    Greg and Family

  5. Your beautiful little puff is at the end of the dock that my boat is on. First time I saw her sitting there, I thought to myself "that's a special boat." I searched her on Google and found your blog. I love reading about her/your adventures. Cheers!