Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally... Latest Bahamas House Pics

Sorry this is sooooooo late in coming. We have been busy, busy, busy! We sailed back to the States from the Bahamas back in June. We arrived in Ft. Pierce, Florida the first week in June. Brian's dad, Pete, met us there and he jumped aboard Puff for the remainder offshore leg of the voyage to North Carolina. I took the cat and the dog with me, and we drove Pete's car straight through to Harker's Island to Brian's parents house. Brian's mom Dede was waiting for me, and we spent three days hanging out and doing some shopping before Brian and Pete surprised us by arriving a day sooner than we thought they would! They had a fast ride up the Gulf stream and caught some fantastic tuna and mahi mahi on the way! We were able to finish drying in our house in the Bahamas before we left. We didn't cut out any of the windows because it made more sense to keep it all closed up until we get back in December to finish it all out. Here are the final pics of our lovely Bahamas cottage.
Measuring the front door opening...

Random front door shot...

These are the only power tool Brian used. Such a purist! A jigsaw, cordless drill, and circular saw. A level and a hammer were the only other tools he needed to build this house all by himself! I am so proud of him!!!

Last view of the truck before we sold it...
The roof is almost finished here...

Painting the plywood roof with elastomeric paint.

This is how the windows look from the inside. They won't be cut out till next time...

Our driveway, with Charlie guarding the entrance...Our beach at the end of the road...

Brian enjoying the victory of constructing this house in less than 40 days for less than $10,000 all on his own!

Celebrating completion of the first phase of the Bahamas house project with a champagne toast! We will be back on Long Island in December to finish up!!!


  1. Lovely indeed - and the beach at the end of the road... gorgeous! Congratulations on such a great job.

  2. Hope someday we can have a champagne toast with you on that beach at the end of the road. Sounds like a good book title to me. :)

  3. That is soooooooo AWESOME! Very inspiring, a big congratulations from us!