Monday, April 19, 2010

Four Walls Already!

We received our materials on March 23, and began work on the house on March 25th! Brian is a building genius! We now have the foundation, floor, four walls, porch poles, and he's working on the roof! Yay!!!!

Bahamian lunch on the job site, canned beans and fresh snapper!
The floor is done!
Check out the headroom under the house. Great for storing a cistern, kayaks, a boat, or a car.
Fresh 'maters from a neighbor/friend's garden! YUMMY!

First wall...

First wall goes up with the help of neighbors and friends!
MMMMM... Bahamian fish gumbo, another on site lunch.
Our neighbor, Ms. Frieda, talks to B. She always carries her cutlass!
First wall is up!
Second wall goes up...
Woo Hoo! Charlie is lying down in the kitchen area...
Brian has rigged a block and tackle to move the wall inward...
Three walls are up!
Leveling the wall! That is the front door B is standing in!
Saffron Scented Plantain Soup!
Voila! All four walls are standing within 2 weeks! My husband is amazing!


  1. We know ya'll are so excited. Brings back memories of when we built our raised home in Louisiana about 15 years ago. Nothing better than seeing a dream become a reality!

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished. Mike T