Monday, March 23, 2009

New Diesel Install!

Hey Y'all!

Puff got a new engine on Sunday, March 22nd! Her old engine was a Yanmar 3GM30F. Her new engine is a Beta Marine 25. Betas are made by Kubota, the same guys who make tractor engines. We researched long and hard and are very sure of our purchase. Brian and I woke up early Friday morning and took a 2 hour ferry off the island, drove an hour, took another ferry and picked up the engine in Arapahoe, NC. We made it back to Ocracoke by 7 o'clock that evening. On Sunday, our buddy Tony, borrowed the island's only tractor and all of our friends gathered to help us put the Beta onto Puff. Brian's parents even came over from the mainland to help.

Brian and Charlie in the truck going to get our new ticket to freedom! Do you think he's excited?

Lovely sunset that we caught on our fourth and last ferry ride of the day... back to the island of Ocracoke.

Puff with her dodger down to make room for the incoming iron jib.

Our brand spanking new Beta in the bed of B's truck.

The engine "room" in Puff all painted with soundproofing paint and ready for it's new occupant.

Little Red being lifted out of the truck.

Our new engine hanging over the water... Yowsers!

Brian, welcoming Red Rosie home.

Our buddy Jack and Brian making sure Red does not crash to the cockpit floor.

More cockpit maneuvering...

This was and interesting shot..."Don't get that thing tangled in the shrouds, Tony!"

The proud parents of the proud owner of a Beta.

As I said, it was quite an event... folks came from all around...

So we got the engine inside and realized, whoops! The transmission and the prop shaft don't really line up and are off by quite a bit. But, don't worry. One of the things that sets Beta Marine apart is the knowledgeable, helpful, and available staff. I have put in a call to headquarters. Very soon I shall receive helpful answers from a patient and kind British gentleman. (They are out of the UK, but based in North Carolina.) I suspect we will need custom mounts. We'll let you know the rest of the story soon...


  1. Very exciting!!!!!! Such fun this jewel will bring to you guys. I can't wait to see it all.

  2. Nice engine compartment! Congrats on Red!

  3. WOW! that is something! quite an operation! I LOVE that picture of the sunset :) gotta love NC!