Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's Talk About Boats!

This is what we have to look forward to!

The cruising life is always so exciting! Even if you're not cruising, you're preparing to go again. Nothing can be more thrilling than planning your next adventure except actually taking off! We're in the preparation stage right now. We rented a house for the winter, because we wanted to do some major work on Puff. We have ordered a new diesel engine and Brian is working days to build the cruising kitty and working on the boat at night. Right now he is doing interior varnish work. We're also planning on installing a hot water heater, re-doing the non-skid on deck, sewing a new dodger and bimini, and at some point... a new mattress, a new stove, LED lighting, a new stereo system, cockpit cushions, and interior cushions. We're also going to haul her out before we go and scrub and paint her bottom, get a new prop and driveshaft, and a remote oil filter for the engine.

Boats are a lot of work, but there is something cool about working on your own boat. It's a great feeling. I'm grinding the ax at a day job, as well. At night, I am working on creating a source of passive income for us, so we can get paid while we're cruising. Sounds great, doesn't it? It's basically a web based income that requires a lot of work initially and minimal maintenence to keep up. Perfect for cruisers.! We need to find another way to make money besides trading hours for dollars, that cuts into actually living this wonderful life. I've seen good results for others, but I'm doing my own test. If it works out, I'll write about it and let everyone know. The unveiling should be at the end of the month, if I make my own deadline.

March holds much excitement for us, new engine... boat repairs and upgrades... moving out of the house and back onto the boat... launching a web biz... I'm starting a new job, doing massage for a friend's spa... lots of new things! That's what Spring is all about, right? New beginnings, leave a comment and tell me about the new beginnings in your life this Spring. By the way, March 20th is the official first day of Spring!!! Yes! Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather!

Ahhhhh... the Bahamas!


  1. You get me so excited! If we could just figure out a way not to sleep and eat and work our day jobs then on the boat at night we could leave a few months earlier. Do they have a pill for that yet, would hate to see the side effects. Anyways I'm ready so bring it on!

  2. Hey, there. I just awarded you! Check my blog.